Friday, September 18, 2009

Homemade TV Dinners

Making your own TV Dinners is so easy! I usually take leftovers from dinner and portion them out and freeze them. I love using Tupperware for this because they go from the freezer to the microwave. This is a great way to provide dinner for your family on a night when you are away or don't want to cook. It provides a simple, healthy home cooked meal. So many of the frozen dinners from the grocery store have extra sodium, sugar and preservatives and I don't think they taste that great. This is an inexpensive home cooked alternative!
(The picture above is leftover Swiss Cheese Meatloaf)
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  1. Great idea! I have tried this before but after time all the containers I have tried melted in the mike or expanded and contracted and the containers became misshapen.

    What kind of Tupperware dish is that exactly????

  2. Niki,
    The dish in the picture (which is my favorite) has been discontinued but check out this one:


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