Monday, November 2, 2009

Target Prices

There are certain items I purchase on a regular basis for my family and I have a target price for each of these items. A target price is the lowest possible price you find on an item. I use Wal-mart and Aldi to help determine this price. Since Wal-Mart and Aldi have the lowest prices on most items I want to pay less than this price for my target price. This usually involves a sale and/or coupon at another store. I have received several requests for a list of my target prices. I don't have an official list but I will list some of them.

Toothpaste: FREE - $.50

Shampoo: FREE or less than $1 a bottle

Hair Color: less than $3

Cereal: less than $1 a box

Ground Beef: less than $1.99/lb.

Chicken Breasts: less than $1.99/lb.

Roast or London Broil: $2.49/lb. or less

Toilet Paper: $.01 per square ft. (go here to see how to calculate this)

Cream or Cooking Soups: less than $.50 a can

Peanut Butter: less than $.75

Kleenex: less than $.90 a box

Aluminum Foil: less than $.70 a roll

Leave a comment if you have any target prices!

1 comment:

  1. I'm learning about target prices and have really noticed a difference in my receipt when I find ground beef at a low price. Love your blog and all the lessons I'm learning!


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