Saturday, February 6, 2010

The 28 Day Organizing Challenge

The most disorganized area in my house is the basement and this month I have decided to join the 28 Day Organizing Challenge. Our basement if unfinished but we use it a lot!! That is where the Wii and the biggest TV in the house are located. It is also an inside play area for those rainy, snowy, cold days. I have a craft area in the basement and also it is a storage area. My husband has a computer area (oh boy, does it need some purging!!) and my son's computer desk is in the basement also. Here is what I would like to accomplish this month:
  1. Sort and purge the basement. I know there are lots of things we no longer use or need lurking in the basement.
  2. Divide the basement into functional areas for TV & Wii, playing, crafting, computer area and storage.

  3. Organize all of our items so they are easy to find, functional and useful.

Here are my before pictures:

(Yes, I have a train in my basement)

I am going to start the organizing process this week and I will post my end results with pictures on 2/28.


  1. It actually doesn't look that bad to begin with, I've seen much worse! I can understand wanting to declutter though. Looking forward to seeing the results.


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