Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frugal Friday: FREE Fun at the Library!

Looking for some FREE & Educational Fun?  Check your local library!

This summer we have attended a lot of FREE programs at our local library (Mid-Continent Public Library).  This morning we attended a program "Fit for Life with KC Wolf."  Not only did we get to meet KC Wolf and take pictures and watch a video of KC Wolf's silly antics but the kids also learned about fitness & nutrition.  This program was FREE and lots of fun!! 

Here are some of the other FREE programs we have attended (or will attend) this summer:
  • Fire & Ice Mad Science Workshop
  • Opossums presented by Lakeside Nature Center
  • Owls presented by Lakeside Nature Center
  • Fireflies in the Night (story & art project with glow in the dark paint)
  • Splashtastic Science Workshop with Mad Science
  • Backyard Bird Watching Basics presented by a Clay County Park Ranger
  • "Under the Sea" Craft Night
  • Ice Cream Social to celebrate Ice Cream Month
  • Fit for Life with KC Wolf
  • "Something's Fishy" Craft Night
  • Make a Terrarium Workshop

(This is the man under the KC Wolf costume.  He started as a Tiger Mascot for MU when he was in college and then was the Cardinal Mascot for the St. Louis Cardinals for a season.  He then became KC Wolf for the Kansas City Chiefs and has been doing it for 21 years!!)

Connor petting an Opossum.

Under the Sea Craft Night

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