Friday, September 24, 2010

Frugal Friday: Make Your Own Foamy Hand Soap

It is Fall and Winter will soon be here and that means Cold & Flu Season. It seems like as soon as school starts the noses start running and they don't stop until May! The Drug Stores have already started the sales on cold medicine & pain relievers and I am stocking-up. We have also made appointments for Flu Shots. One of the best things you can do to keep from spreading germs is Wash Your Hands. It seems like we go through twice as much hand soap in the winter. Kids just don't seem to understand that it only takes one pump of soap. To save money, I make my own Foamy Hand Soap. It is so easy to make and only costs pennies.

Here is how to make your own Foamy Hand Soap:
First you need a Foamy Hand Soap Bottle. I like the ones from Bath & Body Works. They seem to last a little longer than the other brands but any will work. Fill the Hand Soap Bottle half full with water and then add 2-3 tablespoons of any liquid soap. Fill the rest of the way with water and gently shake. That's it and it will make your soap last twice as long!

These are some of my favorite liquid soaps to use:

  • Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap
  • Dawn Anti-Bacterial Dish Soap
  • Bath & Body Works Body Wash (use pumpkin or apple in the fall)
  • Ivory Dish Soap (very gentle)
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash or Shampoo (also very gentle)
  • Dove Body Wash (great in the winter because of moisturizers)
  • Irish Spring Body Wash (to make "man soap" for my husband)
  • Suave Shampoo (or any shampoo- especially leftovers)

You can also use regular hand soap to make Foamy Hand Soap. 

The possibilities are endless because any type of liquid soap will work. Read the ingredient labels, soap is soap!

For more frugal ideas, visit Frugal Friday at Life as Mom.


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