Friday, October 1, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Dinosaurs Unearthed at Union Station

Union Station currently has the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit for a limited time (I was not able to find an end date on the website.).  This was a fun and educational field trip but it was on the pricey side.

Cost:  Adults (13-59) $13.50, Children $9.50 (3-12) FREE (2 & under), College Students & Military with ID $11.50, Seniors (60+) $11.50

From the Union Station Website:
Dinosaurs Unearthed is the largest and most exciting dinosaur exhibit in the history of Kansas City with 24 full-size animatronic models, five fully-articulated skeletons (some more than 62 feet long), and nearly 40 fossil replicas which includes eight feathered fossils from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. This multi-sensory, dynamic and interactive dinosaur exhibition is both entertaining and educational showcasing recent new discoveries including evidence that many dinosaur species may have been covered in feathers

Warning:  This exhibit might be a little scary for some children.  There are life size dinosaurs and loud dinosaur noises in the exhibit.

My husband and I firmly believe in the Biblical account of Creation and that is what we are teaching Connor.  The resources that we used before and after this field trip are Bible based.  Most of the information at the exhibit was from a humanistic perspective and so I felt it was very important for Connor to understand that not all of the information at Dinosaurs Unearthed would agree with our Biblical lessons.  I spent a lot of time reading the signs and then explaining the correct Biblical account of the information.  I believe that it is important for children to learn that the Bible is the true "history book of the universe" (Ken Ham) not a story book and comes directly from God.  Here are the resources that we used to explain a Biblical account of dinosaurs:

D is for Dinosaur by Ken & Mally Ham

A is for Adam by Ken & Mally Ham

There are many more resources for all ages available at

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