Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Magic Reindeer Food

Every year we make Magic Reindeer Food to sprinkle on the front lawn on Christmas Eve.  The recipe calls for oats but I have made many substitutions over the years including cheerios & crushed Ritz crackers.  Just make sure that all the ingredients are safe for reindeers and other wildlife.  Do not use glitter in this recipe, it is very dangerous for reindeer and birds : )

Magic Reindeer Food
  • Oats
  • Sugar
  • Red and/or Green Sugar Sprinkles (or any Christmas Sprinkles)
Reindeer Poem:

Sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas Eve night.
The moon will make it sparkle bright.
As Santa's reindeer fly and roam,
This will guide them to your home.

This can be made in layers in a baby food jar and makes a fun gift or you can just mix it up in a ziploc bag (or bowl) for your family.

This is a great activity for the little ones too!


  1. We have made this over the years. My recipe calls for a dash of cinnamon. One year I sent a bag home with my niece who was about 4. She told my brother, it "had" to be sprinkled on the roof.

  2. I love it! Four 4 year olds can be so funny. Did your brother get out the ladder?


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