Friday, April 1, 2011

Field Trip Friday: Jamesport, MO

Last week we went to Jamesport, Missouri with our homeschool group.  We have been to Jamesport as a family day trip several times but this time we went on a group tour with Step Back in Time Tours. The tour was very informative and we learned a lot about the city of Jamesport and the Amish.

We visited several stores on the tour including my favorite H & M Country Store ( you can see my deals here) & J.A.M Wood Products.  We did not visit the Homestead Creamery on the tour but I highly recommend stopping there.  Their cheese is delicious!

(Jamesport City Hall)

Jamesport is about a 1 1/2 hour drive from Kansas City and makes a great family day trip!  Bring cash, because most of the Amish stores do not accept credit and/or debit cards.  Go here to see a complete list of Amish businesses. 

Jamesport City Hall has maps, brochures, information and public restrooms.  It is located in the 4-Way stop area.  There are also antique & specialty stores in this area.  The Amish stores are all located outside of town.  Go here to download & print an Amish Country Map.

 This is a picture of my purchase from H&M Country Store.  Go here to see a list with prices of what I purchased.  H&M Country Store does not accept credit and/or debit cards.

We also purchased goodies at the Countryside Bakery.

Gingerich Dutch Pantry is the best restaurant in Jamesport!  It is located in the 4-way stop area in the center of town. 

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