Thursday, April 28, 2011

Frugal Friday: We Cut the Cable & It Didn't Hurt a Bit!

I have to admit, that cable television has always been one of our splurges.  We love to watch Food Network & HGTV.  One night we were watching Food Network and I suddenly realized we were paying a lot of money to watch 2 channels.  Our cable bill had also been slowly increasing each month so two weeks ago we cut back to just basic cable.

 I was nervous that we would miss watching our 2 favorite networks but we didn't even miss the cable so this week I cut the cable all together and we purchased a converter box.  By cutting the cable, we will be saving over $50 every month!  That is over $600 a year!!

I think the reason that cutting the cable was so easy is because of all the options that are now available:

Cost = FREE
Watch TV shows instantly on your computer.

Cost = Starts at $7.99 a month
Get DVDs (movies & TV shows) in the mail or watch instantly with a Wii, Blu-Ray or a Streaming Device.
This is definitely our favorite option so far! 

Public Library
Cost = FREE
Our local library has a large selection of movies & tv shows available on DVD & VHS.

Do you pay for cable or use other television options?  Leave a comment and let us know how you save money on TV!

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  1. Cable is actually the best choice for me since my computer isnt fast enough to play video and I dont have Wii or anything else like that. I would miss ESPN, The Food Network, Bravo and TLC too much to discontinue my cable.

  2. we haven't paid for cable in almost three years and I have 4 kids. we to love netflix and have a converter box. we love that netflix has a lot of the shows my kids used to like watching on cable and that they can watch the whole season!

  3. We cut cable almost a year ago. I thought I'd miss HGTV and The Food Network, but I don't. There was a fun show on NBC "The Next Great Restaurant" (I think that's the name). It has filled that void. We do have netflix and we do watch some things on the internet. We have found other things to do instead of watching TV all the time. We are saving almost $100 a month.

  4. We cancelled our cable a long time ago, too. We really don't miss it at all except for certain sports events that my husband wants to watch. In those instances, he just goes to his parent's home to watch. :)

    We love Netflix, too. We've subscribed on and off over the last couple of years.

  5. we did away with cable a while back there are so many ways out there now don't forget about utube because there are many shows on there as well just do a search


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