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Connor's Curriculum for Next Year

Today I am going to share about our homeschool curriculum choices for next year.  This is what works for us so please don't compare yourself to us.  Each family is unique and what works for us may or may not work for you.  There is no right or wrong way to homeschool and this post is meant to show what works for us and provide you with ideas & inspiration.  Please leave a comment if you have resources that you would like to share!
Last year we used Sonlight Curriculum for everything.  It was our first year homeschooling and Sonlight simplified things because it is an all inclusive curriculum and the the lesson plans are done for you.  This worked really well for our first year but I found the lesson plans a little restrictive.  If Connor is really interested in a subject we like to expand our study and it was difficult for us to do this with Sonlight.  Also, I really liked the Sonlight Language Arts curriculum but it did not work well for Connor so I am looking at other options for next year.

I was very impressed over all with Sonlight and if you want curriculum with lesson plans done for you or have multiple children and want one curriculum for all of them, then Sonlight is definitely worth checking out.
Sonlight Curriculum

Here are our Curriculum Choices for next year:
(Just FYI:  Connor is 7 years old.  I don't like to "label" him with a grade but he would be in 2nd grade this fall if he attended a public school.)

  • History & Geography

We will be using Sonlight History again.  We completed World History Part I (Core B) last year and so we are going to continue with World History Part II (Core C) this fall.  I purchased the Core C Instructor Guide and some of the books individually.  Many of the books were available at our local public library so I only purchased the ones that I wanted for our personal collection or were not available at our library.  This saved a lot of money!
  • Bible

I purchased several Bible Curriculums since we use this all year.  I found so many excellent choices that I might have gone a little overboard but I know we will use all of these resources at some point (maybe not all next year).

  Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum (from Answers in Genesis)
Lessons in Responsibility for Boys Level 2 (from Generations with Vision)

Digging Up the Past (by Kay Arthur & Janna Arndt)
 Hidden Treasures (Doorposts)
  • Language Arts
The only Language Arts I have purchased so far is Wordly Wise C.  We used Wordly Wise B last year and Connor loved it so I purchased the next level.
I have been looking at Rod & Staff English 2 but I have not made a decision yet.  If anyone has a suggestion for a very active little boy that is a visual & hands-on learner I would love to hear it!

I am also searching for a good Spelling Curriculum.

  • Handwriting

I chose Handwriting Without Tears 2 for handwriting next year.  We did not use any handwriting curriculum last year (advice I received from several moms at the conference last year) and so I am curious to see how this one works for Connor.
  • Latin

This year I decided to add Latin when I found Song School Latin from Classical Academic Press. This curriculum is an introduction to Latin for younger kids.  Connor is so excited (& so am I because I never learned Latin)!

  • Math
We used Horizons Math 1 last year and it worked really well so I purchased Horizons Math 2 for next year.
  • Science
This was an easy choice.  Ken Ham was a speaker at the conference we attended last year and I knew immediately that I wanted to purchase Answers in Genesis Science Curriculum.  Connor & I chose God's Design for Heaven & Earth.
  • Art, Music & Misc.
The Days of Creation (from Answers in Genesis)

Well that's it!  I think that should keep us busy next year.  Leave a comment if you have curriculum or resources you would like to share.
If you are looking for more curriculum ideas & inspiration, visit the 2011 Curriculum Fair at Simple Homeschool.

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