Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frugal Friday: Homemade Cloth Napkins

This past week my Mom has spent a lot of time making cloth napkins for us to use on a daily basis. Cloth napkins can be very expensive to purchase so I had an idea. I started collecting fabric from remnant baskets at stores and from Thrift Stores & Garage Sales. This is a great way to get fabric cheap! We now have a variety of cloth napkins to use everyday as well as some for holidays & seasons. There are not any napkin "sets" just a mish mash of fun and decorative prints. The point was not to have all matching napkins but to have enough to use for 3 meals a day. This will help save money because I will no longer be purchasing paper disposable napkins and it is good for the environment because we have completely eliminated a disposable product in our house. This idea is not only frugal but fun!

To make cloth napkins:

  1. Cut fabric into squares (any size will work).

  2. Use a serger or you can hem the edges with a sewing machine.

My son loves the Napkins made out of Cars fabric!

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(This post was originally published on 07/31/09)


  1. Wow! That's a lot of napkins. I keep starting and stopping with this idea. Your lookd great!

  2. How fun!

    There are often many older women who have cloth napkins sitting in a drawer that aren't being used. If you mention your desire to switch, they may offer theirs to you.

    I prefer the dark colors because I don't have to use stain removers on them. My children get the job of folding them and putting them away when they are clean.

  3. Funny you should post about this. I am a sewer and have just started doing this with all my leftover fabrics. This is a fun project and my children love to be involved.

  4. I should do this just to use my BabyLock that NEVER comes out of the cabinet. I've realllllly got to get back into sewing - I used to LOVE it!

  5. I just made some napkins like those a few weeks ago with leftover fabrics from my other sewing projects. I cut them into about 12" squares and serged the edges. They work wonderfully!

  6. This is on my spring project list. I love the idea of using fabric from my stash, not having to buy disposable napkins anymore (well, except for barbeques) and using dark colors to hide stains.

  7. I am so glad you posted this! I am trying to build up a stockpile of cloth napkins and never thought once about getting extra fabric from clearnace and such. I will be checking the stores now! Blessings!

  8. I bought some on a great sale (but I still felt lame because I knew I was paying too much for hemmed fabric) I have been hesitant to make more because I've been unsure about what kind of fabric is best? any ideas there?

  9. I like cloth napkins and have made some myself--I even got to practice making mitered corners on them. (Alas, I don't have a serger--they scare me a bit.) I like them because they are a)pretty, b)soft and c)so much bigger than the cheesy paper napkins.
    I only wish I could get my husband on board with them. I think he still sees them as a luxury instead of a money- and earth-saver.

  10. Oh, neat! I need some cloth napkins. I"m going to have to try this. :D

  11. Kathryn,
    I used mostly cotton fabrics to make my napkins. I did find some home decor fabric(like the kind for making drapes, etc.) really cheap at a thrift store and it worked really well because the fabric is very durable.

  12. My mom has been making cloth napkins for us for years. I love them. It is nice to have great looking napkins for all the holidays! My mom uses fabric that is 100% cotton and most of mine have lasted for years.


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