Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guest Post: Loosing my First Tooth

Connor came home from school today so excited because he lost his first tooth. I can't believe it!! It seems like just yesterday we were excited because he got his first tooth. He asked me if he could do a post on my blog about loosing his tooth, so the following is a guest post by my son Connor.
I lost my first tooth at school today. I swallowed it at lunch today!!!!!! Somebody gave me a note at school for the Tooth Fairy. Maybe lose another tooth!!!!!!!!!!

( I have to do a little Mommy bragging: Connor wrote this post all by himself, including spelling and punctuation)


  1. Way to go Connor!! I hope the tooth fairy is good to you!

    Mrs. Howie

  2. So fun! Did the tooth fairy still leave you a gift even though you swallowed the tooth and couldn't put is under your pillow? I hope so!


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