Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Fun Can Be Educational!

Summer is here and that means time for fun!  Last year I homeschooled Connor for the second half of his kindergarten year and we have decided to continue homeschooling this fall.  I wanted to do some summer school this summer but Connor was not interested in that at all (go figure)!  So we are doing what I call "Sneaky Summer School."  I have planned several acivities and even trips for the summer and Connor won't even know it is school.  We are also participating in the Mid-Continent Library's Summer Reading Program.  I have put together a list of activities we are doing this summer.  You do not have to homeschool to do "sneaky summer school."  It is a great opportunity to go beyond classroom learning and have fun with your kids.  We are spending about 2-3 hours a week on educational activities, that leaves plenty of time for swimming, going to the park and other lazy summer fun!

Here is our "Sneaky Summer School" List of Activities:

Read books from the library about Hummingbirds for our Library Reading list.  Watch a video from the library on Hummingbirds.  Hang a Hummingbird feeder in our yard and make food for it.  Watch and see if we can identify different types of Hummingbirds.

Visit Harry Truman's Missouri Home & complete the Jr. Ranger program.  We will also read books about Harry Truman for our Library Reading List.

Read books about the Titanic for our Summer Reading List.  Watch a National Geographic video on the discovery of the Titanic.  Visit the Titanic Museum on our annual Branson, MO family vacation.

Visit the State Capitol Jefferson City, MO and tour the State Capitol Building and the Governor's Mansion.  During the school year Connor wrote a letter to the Governor (Jay Nixon) and he received a letter back that included an autographed picture, a personal letter, educational brochures with MO facts and a pencil.  We also made a Missouri History Funbook (all 50 states available here) as a homeschool project.  This was a great way for Connor to learn about Missouri facts, history and government.  The State History Funbook would also be a great summer activity.

Read books about the St. Louis Gateway Arch for our Summer Reading list.  Watch a video (from the library) on how the Gateway Arch was built.  Visit the Gateway Arch and ride to the top!

Read The Wizard of Oz for our Library Summer Reading list and watch the movie.

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