Thursday, July 15, 2010

Make a Simple Bird Bath & Bird Feeder

Bird watching has quickly become a favorite activity for Connor this summer.  We went to a "Backyard Bird Watching Basics" program at Mid-Continent Public Library presented by a Clay County Park Ranger last week and learned 2 frugal ways to attract birds to our yard. 

The first way to attract birds to your backyard is to add a bird bath.  Birds like and need water so a bird bath will attract birds to your yard.  A bird bath does not have to be fancy or expensive, really, the birds don't care.  We made the bird bath pictured above with a plant stand I purchased at a garage sale for $.50 and a terra cotta pot tray I found in my garage.  The birds love it!  You can also use an old frying pan or bowl and just place it on the ground.

The second way to attract birds is to provide food.  You do not have to buy a fancy, expensive bird feeder.  Go here for directions to make the soda bottle bird feeder pictured above.

We checked-out a few bird watching books from the library and we are having a lot of fun watching and trying to identify different types of birds! 

(This is another type of soda bottle bird feeder.)

For more frugal ideas, visit Frugal Friday at Life as Mom.

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  1. Very creative and innovative! :) I would like to try this. You have inspired me to do it this way. Thank you. :)


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