Sunday, July 18, 2010

Walgreens Trip 7/18

Walgreens has some great back to school deals this week. Most of these deals do not have a limit this week so stock up!!   Here is what I purchased:
  • 1 pack Multi-Purpose Paper 400 sheets $1.99
  • 1 Wooden Ruler $.09
  • 1 Pencil Box $.49
  • 3 packs Pilot G2 Pens $.19 each after IVC coupon
  • 4 Highlighters $.09 each
  • 2 Liquid Paper $.59 each
  • 3 packs Eraser Caps $.39 each
  • 3 packs Pink Erasers $.29 each
  • 1 Glue Sticks 3 pack $.49
  • 2 packs Bic Highlighters $.49 each
Total Out of Pocket = $8.19


  1. I love school shopping and I don't have any kids in school! Great prices, thanks for sharing.

  2. I knew I forgot something! I was at Walgreens twice today and still went home without the multi-purpose paper. I'll have to go back I guess.

    I'm in the KC area as well. Can you tell me if you've found grocery stores that double coupons up to $1.00? I've found several that go up to $.49 only.

  3. Contessa Kris,
    Hen House & Sunfresh double coupons up to and including $.50 every day. I post the deals for both of these stores every Wednesday. There are not any stores in Kansas City that double up to $1.00. If you are willing to drive, there are Dillons (kroger affiliate) stores in Leavenworth, KS & Lawerence, KS that double over $.50. I check the ad online each week ( and when they have really good deals I make the drive to Leavenworth, KS. I live in the Northland and it takes me about 25 minutes to drive to the Leavenworth Dillons.


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