Friday, August 27, 2010

Frugal Friday: FREE Workshops for Kids

Being handy with tools is a very important skill.  This is something I learned the hard way.  I was very much a girly girl growing-up and I just didn't have the desire to learn how to use tools.  That was for boys.  As an adult living on my own I very quickly realized that using tools was a skill worth having so I tried to learn how to use tools for basic repairs. 

After purchasing our first home, my husband and I both realized we needed to take our tool skills to a more advanced level.  QUICKLY!  Our first home was built in 1940 and required many repairs.  I also became quite skilled with a plunger, but we will save that for another post.

We have decided to include Wood Shop as part of our homeschool curriculum so that hopefully Connor will have the skills he needs as an adult and not have to learn the hard way.  Since he is only 6, we are keeping it simple.  We attend the Lowes Build & Grow Workshops and the Home Depot Kid's Workshops.  The best part is they are FREE!!  Connor is learning basic tool skills and even has a fun project to bring home.

Each workshop includes a simple project with directions and real tools for the kids to use.  Each child gets there own work apron and goggles that they get to keep.  At the completion of the workshop, the child gets a certificate and a pin (Home Depot) or a patch (Lowes) for their apron.  The workshops help build confidence and create a sense of accomplishment with the finished project and did I mention they are FREE!

Home Depot offers FREE workshops for kids on the first Saturday of the month.  Lowes Build & Grow FREE workshops are twice a month and require registration.

Here are some of the fun projects we have made at these workshops:

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  1. I agree these skills are important. When I went to school to go over my sons schedule for this year (7th grade) I learned that if he continued in band he wouldn't be able to take home ec & shop because band is the same hour as home ec & shop. I voiced my concern & disagreement... very loudly! When he started last week I found out that I wasn't the only one who felt this way. They made some changes and it is once again a REQUIRED class for 7th graders. I think all children should know the basics for home keeping and feel the basics is cooking, laundry, sewing, and simple home repairs.

  2. Good for you Lisa! I am glad you voiced your concern and the school listened. Home Ec & Shop are important subjects and should be required.


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