Friday, June 17, 2011

Kansas City Tour of Fountains: The Country Club Plaza

If you are looking for a lot of fountains all within walking distance then you need to go to the Country Club Plaza.  There are beautiful fountains, sculptures & architecture to look at as well as lots of shopping & restaurants.

There is a map of the Plaza Fountains available here.

These are just a few of the many beautiful fountains located on the Country Club Plaza:

 The Court of Penguins Fountains- definitely a favorite with the kids!
(located at Nichols Road between Jefferson & Pennsylvania)

(located at 320 Ward Parkway)

(located at Central Street & Nichols Road)

(located at the corner of Ward Parkway & Wornall)

(located at 4720 Jefferson at the entrance to the parking garage)

(located at 308 W 47th Street)

(located 310 W 47th Street- downstairs courtyard in front of Bucca di Peppo Restaurant)

(located at 302 Nichols Road)

(located at 320 Nichols Road)

(located at 314 Nichols Road)

(located at 310 Ward Parkway)

(located at 4701 Wyandotte Street- in front of The Cheesecake Factory restaurant)

(located at 102 W 47th Street)

(located at W 47th between JC Nichols Pkwy & Main St)

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