Thursday, June 16, 2011

Frugal Friday: Take a Staycation!

Vacations are expensive and it seems like every year the budget buster is the hotel.  So this year we are taking a Kansas City Staycation.  Our staycation has included a tour of Kansas City Fountains.  The only cost involved was gas money and tickets to a Royals baseball game to watch the game and see the Water Spectacular Fountains in Kauffman Stadium.

Total Cost for Our Kansas City Tour of Fountains = $70.00

Our cost was higher because of the baseball tickets but look at that little boy's face!

Here is a list of Kansas City Fountains we have toured on our Staycation:

We used 2 resources for our Kansas City Tour of Fountains:
(from our local library)

Touring the city you live in can be inexpensive & fun!

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