Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kansas City Tour of Fountains: Downtown Fountains

There are many beautiful fountains in downtown Kansas City & except for a few (like River Market) they are within walking distance.  We spent a Sunday afternoon downtown just walking around and looking at fountains & it was so much fun!  There is also a small park with tables at Barney Allis Plaza if you want to pack a lunch and spend the day downtown.

There is a map of the downtown fountains available here.

(located in front of the entrance to the Steamboat Arabia Museum in River Market)

Paddle Wheel at the Steamboat Arabia Museum
This is not technically a fountain but it does involve water and it is fun to watch.  The paddle wheel is located in the atrium to the museum and can be viewed without paying admission.  The atrium is only open during regular museum hours.

(If you are reading in an e-mail or RSS feed, click here to see the video)

(located in the Garment District at 8th & Broadway)

(This is the back of the 8th Street Fountain.)

(located on Main between 8th & 9th Streets)

(located at 10th Street & Main in the KC Area Transit Authority Plaza )

(located at 911 Main)

Poindexter Fountain
(located at 330 W. 9th Street)

(located on 12th Street between Wyanadotte & Central)

(located at 18th & Grand)

City Hall Fountains- unfortunately they were not running when we took pictures
(located in front of KC City Hall at 414 12th Street)

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