Saturday, June 18, 2011

Super Savings Saturday 6/18

 I spent most of the week as a leader at Cub Scout Day Camp so I did not do any drugstore or grocery shopping.  I did, however, make one very large purchase today.

Well, I finally did it!!  I finally purchased a Kitchen Aid Professional Series 600 mixer.  Are you ready for how much it cost??  $389.99 (YIKES!!).  I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer and I have probably spent over $389.99 on the cheap mixers that I have purchased over the past 10 years.  Sometimes it is worth it to pay more for a higher quality product.  I have never heard anyone say anything negative (other than the price) about the Kitchen Aid mixers and they seem to last forever.  I have several friends that have their mother's or mother-in-law's 20+ year old Kitchen Aid mixers or received one as a wedding gift 10+ years ago and absolutely love them. 

I know I will get a lot of use out of this mixer & I would also like to purchase the grain mill attachment at some point so I can grind my own flour.

Total Money Spent Invested this Week = $389.99

This week I featured a Kansas City Tour of Fountains.

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