Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kansas City Tour of Fountains: Introduction

Welcome to the Kansas City Tour of Fountains!

Warning:  This video may cause motion sickness.  My 7 year old was the videographer and sometimes he has problems holding still ; )

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This week I will be sharing pictures* from our fountain explorations.  The number of fountains in Kansas City is overwhelming and unfortunately we were not able to visit all of them.  There are over 200 listed on and many more that are not listed!  We were able to visit 69 fountains in Kansas City!

Here is the Fountain Tour Schedule:

Sunday 6/12/11

Monday 6/13/11
Tuesday 6/14/11

Wednesday 6/15/11

Thursday 6/16/11
Friday 6/17/11
Saturday 6/18/11

*All pictures presented this week in the Kansas City Tour of Fountains are pictures that I have personally taken with my own camera unless otherwise noted.

Resources for touring Kansas City Fountains:

Kansas City: The City of Fountains by Rea Wilson (available at Mid-Continent Library)

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