Saturday, July 9, 2011

Super Savings Saturday 7/9

This was my best deal of the week:

 I found the grill pictured above in our neighbor's trash & my husband and I (ok, mostly my husband) retrieved it out of the trash.  Oh, yes we did!   It does need a little work (about $50-$75) but that is still a great deal for such a nice grill.

Total Out of Pocket = $0

 My parents brought me this Wolfgang Puck Bistro Bread Machine (similar to the one here).  They purchased it at their church rummage sale for $10.  It has 2 paddles so I can't wait to try it out!

Total Out of Pocket = $0 (It was a gift.)

The only grocery shopping I did this week was to purchase 2 gallons ($3.10 each) of milk at Aldi.

Total Out of Pocket = $6.20

Total Money Spent this Week = $6.20

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