Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's a Week of Birthday FREEBIES!!

This coming Saturday (9/5) is my Birthday!! In case you are wondering, I will be 29, again ( I am not going to tell you how many times I have been 29 or you will be able to figure out my real age). One of my favorite things about Birthdays is all of the FREEBIES that you can get! This week I will be sharing the FREEBIES and providing links so that you can celebrate your Birthday with a bunch of FREEBIES too. I have already received a $10 off any purchase coupon from Victoria's Secret, 20% off Hallmark coupon and a FREE lip gloss from Sephora. Check back this week for links to sign-up and I will post pictures of all of my goodies on Saturday!

(The picture above is from my Second Birthday party in 19xx. It is dark and a little fuzzy because it was originally a slide. Can you guess how old I am now? Please, no comments asking "What is a slide and why does it make a picture dark and fuzzy?" I already feel old! LOL)


  1. Happy Birthday. My sisters Birthday is 9/5 also. My birthday is 9/25. I love your blog and really appreciate all the info, links and helps with being a careful consumer. I live in KC area too. So again, Happy Birthday to a fellow KC and September b-day gal!

  2. Thank you Leslie! I want you to have a Happy September Birthday too. Check back this week so you can get all of these great FREEBIES for your Birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday! It's a great month for celebrations ~ dd1 is on the 24th, dd2 is on the 4th, anniversary on the 16th.
    Looking at the 'slide' you are definitely younger than me! lol


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