Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Back!!

Hello Blog Readers!  I am sure you have noticed by absence the past few days.  We just returned last night (midnight!) from St. Louis, MO.  We had a wonderful trip!  We stopped in Jefferson, City on the way to St. Louis and toured the Capitol Building and saw the Governor's Mansion.  We also went to the Gateway Arch and rode to the top but our main reason for this trip was to attend the CHEF-Missouri (Christian Home Educators Fellowship-Missouri) Homeschool Convention.  The conference was absolutely amazing!!!  I learned so much and I am even more excited to continue Homeschooling this fall.  One of the speakers at the convention was Ken Ham.  He is the founder of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY (near Cincinnati, OH).  He also has a website ( that I really encourage you to check-out.  My husband and I decided that we will be using the Answers in Genesis Science and some Bible Curriculum. I will share more details about our trip later and I will also have the Sunfresh deals for the week posted  this afternoon.

Pictures from the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO:

Pictures from Jefferson City, MO:

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