Saturday, October 16, 2010

How Do You Know When Toilet Paper is a Good Price?

Buying toilet paper at a good price can be confusing. There are so many different types and sizes. There are single rolls, double rolls, large rolls, extra large rolls and 1 1/2 rolls. How do you know if you are getting the best price? My friend Melanie gave me a great way to tell if you are really getting a good deal on TP. Calculate the cost per square foot. A good price is $.01 per square foot.

Here is an example:

This Quilted Northern 12 double roll pack is on sale for $5.99 and I have a $1 coupon making it $4.99. To find out if this is a good deal, first look for the square feet on the package. This particular Northern package is 266.6 sq. ft. Now you need to do some math (don't be scared, it's easy). Divide the price by the square footage and then you will know the cost per square foot.

4.99 divided by 266.6 = $.0187171

So the price is a little less than $.02 per square foot. This toilet paper is above the $.01/sq ft. target price. If you are completely out or almost out of tp this is not a bad deal. However, if you are well stocked then I would pass on this deal. I hope this helps you make sense of TP prices!

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  1. An easier way to see if it's a good price without a calculator (or hurting your brain, haha) is this:

    Move the decimal on the square foot amount to the left to spaces and that will give you a buy price for that particular pack.

    For example, 266.6 square feet should cost $2.66 for it to be a great deal of .01 per square foot.


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