Friday, July 22, 2011

Frugal Friday: Save Money on Air Conditioning

Doesn't that picture look refreshing??  Five months ago I thought it looked horrible & I'm sure when January comes around it will look horrible again but right now it looks refreshing!  If you are experiencing the same type of HOT weather that we are in Kansas City, then this post is for you. 

Here are few tips to keep the cost of air conditioning down during this HOT, HOT Summer:

1.  Install ceiling fans in the kitchen, family room and/or bedrooms. A ceiling fan can lower the temperature in a room by up to 4 degrees.   If ceiling fans are not an option, box fans will work.

2.  Run appliances like the dishwasher, washer, dryer etc. in the evening. Running these appliances can warm-up the house.  You can also take advantage of warm sunny weather & hang laundry to dry outside.

3.  Try turning the thermostat up a few degrees.  We have been experiencing temperatures of 100+ here in Kansas City for over a week now.  I have found when it is that HOT outside, the house will still feel really cool even if I turn the thermostat up a few degrees.  We currently have ours set at 82-83 degrees, which would normally feel warm but with the outside temperature over 100 it feels cool inside.  Installing a programmable thermostat can also help save money on cooling (& heating but I don't want to think about that now) costs.

4.  Take advantage of sunlight during the day and keep all the lights off. This will save money on your electric bill and keep the house cooler. 

5.  Spend the afternoon at the pool or playing in a sprinkler.    If you're not in the house, you won't be tempted to turn down the thermostat!

If you don't have a pool or yard, you can always have the kids play with water guns, containers of water, a water table or in the bathtub.

6.  Save errands and outings for the late afternoon. This is usually when the temperature is the highest and you are most tempted to turn down the thermostat. Leave the house during these times (usually between 3:00pm - 5:00 pm) and enjoy the AC in a store, mall, library etc.

7.  If you have a basement, use it! The temperature in most basements will be several degrees cooler than the upper levels of a house.  Our basement is not finished but we have turned it into usable living space. Spending time in the basement in the late afternoon helps to reduce the urge to turn down the thermostat.

8.  Use your crockpot. Most people use their crockpot more in the winter months for stews, soups & chilis but you can use it in the warmer months too. The crockpot produces less heat than the oven and so it is perfect for warmer weather.

9.  Wear cooler clothes and take off your shoes and/or socks. Keeping your clothes light & simple and going barefoot will help you to feel cooler. And yes, that is a picture of our dog licking Connor's feet!

10.  Complete more active chores like cleaning & vaccuuming in the morning or evening and save less active chores like bill paying for the afternoon. You will stay much cooler if you are just seated instead of running around.

Leave a comment and share your tip for keeping air conditioning costs down this summer!

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  1. Good ideas, very easy to implement also. Love your fireplace in the basement. When we finished our basement a few years ago I wanted to add one but it wasn't in the budget :(

  2. I use the crockpot in the garage, (a screened in porch would work also) it keeps the heat out out of the house.

  3. I live just north of KC and I am guessing your family is much more heat tolerant than mine. We are dying when it's 82 degrees in here. It's got to be 72 minimum. We aren't overweight either. Our poor dogs pant at anything above that and we literally can't get do anything around the house at anything over 72 when it's this hot outside.

  4. Liz,
    Isn't it funny how different we all are when it comes to temperature? I guess that is why there are so many thermostat disagreements in offices, churches, restaurants etc!

    I will admit that we would not be able to tolerate the 82 degrees if we did not have ceiling fans running on high in the living room, kitchen & all bedrooms. We also keep all of the blinds closed so there is no direct sunlight in the house. It makes the house like a cave but it does stay a lot cooler.

  5. Your right about the fans helping you stay cool. They can also really help you save a bundle on the cost of air conditioning. Sometimes all we really need is a little breeze.


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