Friday, August 13, 2010

Teaching Kids About Money

This summer we have been using the "Unschooling" Method of learning.  With this method, you follow the interests of the child.  If the child is interested in the Titanic you find non-fiction and/or fiction books about the Titanic, visit the Titanic Musuem, watch documentaries, create Titanic art projects, etc.  Once the child is satisfied with that subject you move on to the next area of interest.

One of the things Connor wanted to learn about this summer was money.  We have been learning the different coins and bills, how to count them and how to make change.  Today we went to Walgreens on a field trip so he could practice his new moneys skills.  Connor took $3.00 + $.25 (for sales tax) out of his piggy bank and then we went to Walgreens.  Connor has made friends with one of the cashiers at Walgreens and she was very willing and happy to help with our field trip.  Thank you Ms. Dana!

The field trip was a big success and Connor was so proud of his purchases he asked if I would post on my blog.  Here is what Connor purchased at Walgreens today all by himself!
  • 1 Big Mistake Giant Eraser $.99
  • 2 Elmer's Glue Stick 2 packs $.19 each
  • 1 package Notebook Filler Paper $.49
  • 1 Kit Kat Candy Bar $.49 (Hmmm, why isn't the candy bar in the picture Connor??)

Total Out of Pocket = $2.35 + $.16 sales tax


  1. Hi, Amy! I've been following your blog for a few weeks now and I want to thank you for all you do. I've gotten so many good tips, recipes, and ideas from your blog. I also especially loved this post about Connor's shopping trip! I'm a new SAHM mom and I look forward to teaching my daughter how to get the things she needs while saving money in the process. It's too much fun not to share! Thanks again!

  2. Leslie,
    Thanks for reading my blog! I am glad you have found useful information.

    It has been so much fun teaching Connor about money and the field trip helped make Math "real." He is already begging to go on another Math Field Trip. This time he wants to go to CVS!


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