Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Christmas is Coming, Are You Ready?? (Part 3)

In addition to the expense of Christmas gifts, another big expense at the Holidays can be food.   Especially if the family is coming to your house this year!  Even if you are going to other people's homes, the cost of food can add up if you bring a dish to each gathering.

In September, I begin to budget for Holiday food.  I set aside some money each week and then watch the grocery store ads.  There are a lot of food items that will be at rock bottom prices or even FREE (with coupons) in October, November & December.  Purchasing these items early, when they are on sale, is key to saving money.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE WEEK OF OR DAY BEFORE A HOLIDAY.  At this point the stores know you are desperate and very few items will be on sale.

I also take advantage of these rock bottom prices to stock-up on some items for the year.  Items like cake mixes, stuffing, turkeys (Last year I purchased 6 turkeys for the freezer at $.66/lb.!), hams, cool whip, canned & frozen vegetables, Jello, etc. will be at the lowest price of the year so stock-up if it is in your budget!

By having a plan and budget in advance, the cost of Holiday meals does not have to be expensive.

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