Thursday, August 19, 2010

Frugal Friday: Save Money with Homemade Cleaning Products

Have you noticed all of the cleaning products at the store?  There is a cleaning product for every surface.  You can easily spend a small fortune on cleaning products.  The retailers want you to believe you need to buy a kitchen countertop cleaner, stove top cleaner, oven cleaner, sink cleaner, floor cleaner, wood floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, shower/tub cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, carpet cleaner, glass cleaner, etc.

I save a lot of money by making my own cleaners.I love to use vinegar for cleaning & as a fabric softener.  Whenever I find the gallon bottles on sale (less than $2.00)  I stock-up! 

Here are some of my favorite websites, books & links to Homemade Cleaning Products:
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  1. Amy - do you happen to have wood floors and if so, have you found a good homemade solution? I have tried everything from vinegar to Murphy's Oil & Orange Glo and my high-trafficked areas still have a dull haze to them. Thanks!

  2. Mara,
    I do not have wood floors in our current home but I have in the past. My favorite cleaning product for wood floor was Murphy Oil Soap. I use this on the woodwork and cabinets in our home now.

    I will search some of my books and see if I can find an interesting recipe for wood floors and add it to this post.

    You can search your local library for the books listed above (and more) and check for wood floor recipes as well.

  3. Oh no worries. I actually have Clean House, Clean Planet on hold from the library now! I just thought maybe a tried-and-true recipe from someone I 'know' would do the trick!

  4. I agree, vinegar is a wonder product!

    Stop by and visit me over at Free 2 Be Frugal sometime soon...we are back up and running once again!

  5. Great post! Im now following you, follow me back if you like :)


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