Monday, March 21, 2011

Doorposts 10 Days of Give Aways & New Blog

Today's (3/21/11) give away on the new Doorposts blog, Doorposts of Your House, is the book For Instruction in Righteousness

This book will help you use the Bible every time you discipline your children! For Instruction in Righteousness is a topical Bible for parents. It includes hundreds of verses on over 50 areas of sin. But it is more than just a topical Bible!

Each chapter includes:
•What the Bible says will, or should, happen to a person who sins in this way.

•Ideas for discipline that parallel these Biblical consequences.

•What the Bible likens a person to when he indulges in this sin, and ideas for practical objects lessons using these examples.

•How God blesses the person who resists temptations to this sort of sin.

•Parallel ideas for “rewards” and encouragement for children who show progress towards overcoming this sin.

•Stories and people in the Bible that illustrate obedience and disobedience in this area.

•Fully quoted memory verses.

•Use for all ages!

Go here to see a sample page of Shifting Blame, Making Excuses.

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