Friday, June 24, 2011

Plugged In Movie Reviews from Focus on the Family

Summer is here and that means lots of  movies for kids!  Unfortunately, most kid movies are not appropriate for kids.  Before going to a movie (kid or adult) I always read the review at Plugged In Movie Reviews from Focus on the Family.  This is a great resource to help decide if a movie is appropriate for your family.

Connor has been begging to see Cars 2 this summer.  However, after reading the Plugged In review, we are going to pass on seeing this movie.  It is very disappointing that a Disney movie would contain violent & inappropriate content.

**I am posting this information and the link to the Cars 2 Plugged In Movie Review to help people make an informed decision about their children and this movie.  It is not meant to judge anyone for watching or not watching this movie. 

Please feel free to leave a comment (positive or negative) regarding this movie especially if you have already seen it.  All comments on this blog are moderated and nasty comments that attack myself, my family or our personal decision to not watch this movie will not be published.  Thank you.

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