Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DaGeDar Review

Have you heard of DaGeDar?  If you have a son, then you definitely need to check out this toy that is now available in stores!

Last Saturday, Connor & I hosted a DaGeDar party and shared this great toy with 3 of his friends. 

Warning:  This sentence contains Mommy bragging!
I just have to say how wonderful all the boys were that attended the party!  They were such nice gentelemen, very well behaved, played together well and shared the toys & computer.  Ok, now back to DaGeDar.

Here are the DaGeDar toys that we received in our Party Package:

The boys had a great time playing with DaGeDar and were very excited to get 2 DaGeDar balls to take home.
They really had a lot of fun trading DaGeDar balls!
(If you are reading in an e-mail or RSS feed, click here to see the video.)

(If you are reading in an e-mail or RSS feed, click here to see the video.)

This is the target board that Connor created to use with the Rapid Fire Power Launcher.

Each DaGeDar ball has a code printed on the ball that you can enter online to learn more about each DaGeDar character.  My favorite part was the codes are printed on the balls so no need to worry about losing keeping packaging or small pieces of paper.  The website was definitely a big hit at the party.  Look at all 4 of them sharing the computer!

(If you are reading in an e-mail or RSS fee, click here to see the video.)

My Review of DaGeDar:

  • This toy does NOT take batteries.  WooHoo!!!!!
  • Packaging is easy to open.  It does not require scissors, pliers and/or a chainsaw to open.
  • The balls are very fun to play with and trade.
  • The boys really enjoyed exploring the website.
  • The Rapid Fire Launcher enouraged open-ended play & was a big hit with the boys.
  • This toy does NOT take batteries!
  • For a plastic toy, it seems very durable.
  • The Rapid Fire Power Launcher was very popular at the party and encouraged open-ended play.
  • DaGeDar is fun for one child to play or to play as a group.
  • Did I mention this toy does not take batteries?
  • The High Speed Score Zone Raceway track was fun to play with & keep score.
  • Web code is printed on the DaGeDar ball so there are no packaging or papers to keep track of.
  • I only have one negative comment about DaGeDar and that is the track can only be assembled one way.  My son is really into building toys (legos, lincoln logs, knex, etc.) and so he was a little frustrated that the track can only be assembled one way.  The track was fun to play with but the boys quickly became board with it and looked for other creative ways to play with DaGeDar.

Overall, I think DaGeDar is a great toy and would make a perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for boys 5-12!

And of course at the party we had to have snacks with a DaGeDar theme!  All of our snacks were balls:  Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls (with candy eyes of course), Perfect Piglet Sausage Balls & Utz Cheese Balls.

Disclosure:  I received DaGeDar balls, track & accessories from DaGeDar through Mom Select.  The opinions in this post  are my own and were not influenced in any way. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post or for the DaGeDar party.

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